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Quality, Equity and Patient Safety

Quality measurement in healthcare is a primary evaluator of care delivery.  Reimbursement, competitive rankings and patient/client  experience are some of the outcomes measures of the effectiveness of care.  Woodmore Consulting Group will assist your organization with ensuring a safe culture  with effectiveness and efficiency as demonstrated by ‘moving your metrics’ forward.

  • Patient Safety and High Reliability 

    •  Just culture

    • Error prevention and risk mitigation 

  • Customer Service & Patient Experience

  • Performance and Outcome measures

    • Data transparency​

    • Data abstraction and submission

  • ​Infection Prevention​

Hospital Closures and Transitions

Expensive equipment, access to care, reimbursements, and many other variables contribute to a hospital’s or health facility’s bottom line.  These factors and others are forcing a rise in hospital closures and/or transitions to other levels of care.  Woodmore Consulting Group has first hand experience with downsizing and closing out services.

  • Staff transition strategies

  • Keeping patients safe during the transition or closure

  • Managing in an unionized environment

  • Regulatory, including CMS, compliance 

  • Relating to, and with local stakeholders

Accreditation Achievement and Regulatory Readiness

Healthcare organizations’ ultimate goal is to provide services that are safe and high quality in a cost effective and efficient manner.  Demonstrating compliance to local (Health Departments), government (CMS, TJC), or other industry quality standards is one way to asses performance in those domains.  Woodmore Consulting Group will partner with you.

  • Conduct gap analyses 

  • Survey preparedness and readiness 

  • Develop corrective action and maintenance plans 

  • Gain specialty certifications  or accreditation (e.g. PCMH, Stroke Center)

Leadership Development

Change is all around us.  With change comes the need for new competencies.  It is estimated that over 50% of employees will require reskilling within the next two years.  Are you ready? 

  • Conduct staff needs assessments and levels of competencies against current healthcare changes.

  • Develop and implement plans and programs for reskilling or upskilling staff (suitable for your learning platform).

  • Develop employees for advancement; succession planning.

  • Provide training of select staff to take on difficult to fill roles through practicum and knowledge based education.


Professional Practice & Nursing Excellence

Whether you are seeking to become an ANCC Magnet designated facility, achieve the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, or other excellence designation, Woodmore Consulting Group is here to help.  

  • Establish or enhance professional practice and shared governance 

  • Develop  and implement processes for nursing research 

  • Ensure an evidence based practice culture

  • Leadership development geared towards transformational leadership styles

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